• Anoesis - Memory On Memory LP [NEW]
  • Anoesis - Memory On Memory LP [NEW]

Anoesis - Memory On Memory LP [NEW]



Artists - Anoesis

Formats - 1x Vinyl 12"

Country - Australia

Genres - Electronic

Styles - Breaks Techno Tech House


Following 2 heavy reissues of “Silver Mirror Of Her Eyes” and “Heavy Water” from original works on D*Fusion Records in 1994-1997 and recent LP "Supercade", Howard Dodd aka Anoesis @anoesismusicreturns to physical in 2023 for a new full feature-length album via Australian based imprint Paper-Cuts. @papercutslimited

Selected works between 2010-2022 “Memory On Memory” offers a modern take from the underground UK artist, spanning refined breaks, playful tech-house and modular experiments stretched across this 9-track LP. Available worldwide on vinyl and digital March 1st.


繼1994-1997年在 D * Fusion Records 上發行的 “Silver Mirror Of Her Eyes” 和 “Heavy Water” 兩部重量級再版以及最近的 LP “Supercade” 之後,Howard Dodd aka Anoesis @anoesismusic 於2023年通過總部位於澳大利亞的唱片公司Paper-Cuts @papercutslimited 發行了一張新的完整專輯。

“Memory On Memory” 呈現了這位來自英國地下藝術家的現代風格,選自2010-2022年的作品,跨越了經過精心打磨的breaks,有趣的tech-house和模組化合成器實驗,共收錄在這張9首曲目的LP中。

這繊細的 breakbeats 和 techno 歌曲與舞池狂歡的極致時刻 (子時) 能持續保持著距離感,讓人沈浸在曲目中!有點類似於 “Artificial Intelligence” 曲目,精細的碎拍但又不是完全的相同,模組化合成器使用,展現出他獨特的感覺令人難以抗拒,是音樂中最為美妙的一筆!