• E-Unity - BBB<3 [NEW]
  • E-Unity - BBB<3 [NEW]
  • E-Unity - BBB<3 [NEW]

E-Unity - BBB<3 [NEW]




Artists - E-Unity

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12”

Country - #fFrance

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Techno #IDM #Leftfield


‘BBB<3’ is an LP of club ballads that echo his influences, ranging from hyper-pop, Latin music, the hardcore continuum and post-dubstep stylings, featuring heavy bass mutations, spacey synths and hybrid rhythmic compositions.

In an uncertain world, E-Unity takes the opposite approach to a lot of contemporary electronic music which is always faster, harder and somehow dystopian. Instead he offers a record filled with sensibility, love and positivity, fighting the evil forces with heart emojis and sub-reinforced sonic weapons.

E-Unity shows extraordinary musicality and eclecticism throughout his productions and DJ mixes. His b2b set with Simo Cell at Positive Education Festival and former monthly residency on Rinse France solidified his notoriety as an adventurous yet thoughtful selector.


“BBB<3”是一張他在派對之中的迴響所創造出的專輯,涵蓋了 hyper-pop, Latin,  hardcore continuum 以及 post-dubstep ,同時包括heavy bass 的低音變化、太空感強烈的合成器與混合的節奏組合加以構成 。


E-Unity在其製作和DJ混音中展現了非凡的音樂性。 他與Simo CellPositive Education Festival上的b2b表演以及在Rinse France 長期經驗都鞏固了他作為一位冒險卻又深思熟慮的Selector