• Elías Sternin & Artesano Titer - Detective of Perspective [NEW]
  • Elías Sternin & Artesano Titer - Detective of Perspective [NEW]

Elías Sternin & Artesano Titer - Detective of Perspective [NEW]




Artists - Elías Sternin & Artesano Titer

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12”

Country - #Germany

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Techhouse #Trance #Acid


On this second delivery of Uruguayan Sound, Mephis presents us with two like-minded producers with a love for machines and their sound.

On the A side we have Elias Sternin, with his particular nostalgic, mysterious and trance-inducing sound. The EP opens up with Wah Wah y Phaser, evoking the feeling of a spaceship lifting off, into the big Other. Bass rolls into the stratosphere, whilst sharp and poignant synths push us past the space rubble that surrounds our planet. The second Track is a proper mood work, landing us in an uncharted yet familiar alien landscape. You can breathe the mystery in, whilst closing your eyes and embracing the unknown.

On the B side we continue travelling through a path of esoteric and questioning vibes. Artesano Titer delivers an ominous mind trip with Science to Music, an utterly mesmerising soundscape to question yourself and your Umwelt. Closing off the EP, we have White Rabbit, a profoundly narcotic trip to the centre of our own perception. Slides, breaks, smooth lines and an acidic bass that spiral down to the core of the self.

Detective of Perspective; Need to try and get a bigger eye, Open wide.


A面,我們有兩首來自Elias Sternin 的作品,他的音樂充滿懷舊、神秘和催眠感。 EP以《Wah Wah y Phaser》開幕,勾勒出太空船升空的感覺,穿越到遼闊的宇宙中。 低音滾動到平流層,尖銳切入要害的合成器將我們推向環繞地球的太空碎片。 第二首曲目是一次合適的情緒之旅,將我們帶入一片未知但熟悉的外星景觀。 你可以感受到其中的神秘,閉上眼睛擁抱未知。

B面,我們繼續穿越一條充滿神秘和質疑的路徑。 Artesano Titer透過《Science to Music》為我們帶來了一個不尋常的心靈之旅,這是一個極具魅力的音樂背景,能夠引發對自己和自己的環境的質疑。EP的結尾是《White Rabbit》,是一趟深刻的催眠之旅,直達自我認知的核心。Slides, breaks, smooth lines acidic bass 螺旋式的鑽入聽者的自我的核心。