• Gladstone Deluxe - Spherical Intelligence [NEW]
  • Gladstone Deluxe - Spherical Intelligence [NEW]

Gladstone Deluxe - Spherical Intelligence [NEW]




Artists - Gladstone Deluxe

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12”

Country - #UnitedState

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Techno #Electro



Gladstone Deluxe is a New York based artist, producer and percussionist whose work takes form in recorded music, installations and live performances.

Stone has performed as a soloist at the Kennedy Center, worked as a technical audio engineer, a software engineer and as an installation artist addressing concepts of rhythm, geometry, the black body and technology.

“Spherical Intelligence” is Stone’s first appearance on vinyl. The crux of the record is three live performances recorded at his studio in West Harlem. These sprawling improvisations wove acoustic and electronic percussion, ambience and melody into forms that span the chasm from soundscape to advanced and intelligent club music.

The stems were captured and then arranged into club-oriented tracks aimed directly at DJ and dancer. The result is an EP of cerebral, percussion-intensive music for the mind and body that reclaims and re-envisions the term “Intelligent Dance Music” from the Afrofuturist’s perspective.



Gladstone Deluxe 來自紐約的藝術家、製作人和打擊樂手,他的作品包含了錄制、裝置藝術和現場表演。

Stone曾在甘迺迪藝術中心獨奏,擔任技術音訊工程師、軟體工程師和裝置藝術家,涉略節奏、幾何與黑體 (物理學)等實驗概念。

《Spherical Intelligence》是 Gladstone 首次登上黑膠唱片的作品。 這張唱片的精髓是他在西哈萊姆的工作室錄製的三場現場演奏。