• Naone - WAR1208 [NEW]
  • Naone - WAR1208 [NEW]
  • Naone - WAR1208 [NEW]

Naone - WAR1208 [NEW]




Artists - Naone

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12”

Country -#Germany   

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Electro #IDM #ProgressiveHouse


Hailing from Seoul but now firmly based in Amsterdam, Naone delivers a superb EP on Warning, mixing her emotional background with her more contemporary roots, the perfect bridge between both worlds, Asia and Europe, or perhaps between her inner self and the outside world. Starting with Perfectly Harmless, the mysterious track develops into deep feelings that really unfold and expand in Hondon-Ui Kaosu (Chaos of Chaos), where the electro breakbeat responds to a melody with hints of pop consciousness.

On the flip side, the Korean artist unleashes her passion with the deep psy-trance infused enigmatic techno groover Haengjin (Marching), followed by a sensitive downtempo acid closer aptly titled What's Happening. Ultimately, this is about the process of making music, channelling emotions and perceptive energies to create a balanced representation of past emotions and memories.


本張EP由長期定居在阿姆斯特丹來自首爾的Naone在廠牌Warning上推的新作品,以他的情感背景與當代的音樂作為根源相互融合,成為亞洲和歐洲或是她內心與外部 世界之間的完美橋樑。

從《Perfectly Harmless》開始,神秘的曲目逐漸發展成深刻且抽象的情感,在《Hondon-Ui Kaosu》(混沌中混沌)進一步展開,電子breakbeat與帶有流行意識的旋律互相呼應。

翻面,這位韓國藝術家透過沈浸式的psy-trance techno 注入的神秘情感在《Haengjin》(行軍)釋放她的激情,接著是一個敏感的downtempo acid 作為最後一首曲目,巧妙地命名為《What's Happening 》。 最終,這張專集好比於 關於製作音樂的過程,引導情感和感知能量,創造出對過去情感和記憶的平衡呈現。