• Eoin DJ - Fantasi [NEW]
  • Eoin DJ - Fantasi [NEW]

Eoin DJ - Fantasi [NEW]




Artists - Eoin DJ

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12"

Country - #Germany

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Techno #TechHouse #Trance


The next jewel to be unearthed from Planet Euphorique is the much anticipated debut ep from London based eoin dj. This stellar release is an anything goes collage of samples, moods and grooves from all corners of the dance music spectrum, all the while going steady and keeping it club-ready.

Play Nasty puts its money where its mouth is; titillating vocal chops flit and flirt around fiercely precise drums and throbbing bass notes; modern sound hacks are diced and spliced with classic techno motifs. The end result sits somewhere between a punctual club tool and a peak time hot-and-sexy-moment-on-the-dancefloor number, with Pulsing Crystal taking the same hybrid approach. Basslines and kick drums come in and out and change positions - the track is an amalgam of hard house, electro and techno primed for any hour of the night.


本張EP是由廠牌 Planet Euphorique 挖掘出來自倫敦的珠寶 eoin dj 飽受期待的首張發行。作品是一部從舞曲音樂譜系各個角落匯聚而成的作品,充滿了各種採樣、情緒和音樂節奏,同時保持著穩健及張力且隨時在舞池中做好準備。

“Play Nasty” 挑逗性的人聲切分在精準的鼓點和震顫的低音音符周圍;現代聲音技巧與經典的技術元素交織在一起,是舞池中的高潮熱辣時刻之間好用的武器。

”Pulsing Crystal“ 採用同樣的混合手法。 低音和踢鼓聲不斷進出並改變位置——這首歌是硬核、電音和技術的混合體,也是我們在本張專輯中最為被驚艷的一首歌曲。

翻轉過來的是 “Artificial Intelligence”,這是eoin djByron Yeates的第二次合作。萬花筒般的 vocal chopsprototypical stabs、飄忽的打擊感;B面透過美味而統一的聲音調色板呈現出一種令人愉悅的一體感,處於psytrancehard house Techno 的甜蜜地帶。