• Jon Doppler - The Artifact [NEW]
  • Jon Doppler - The Artifact [NEW]

Jon Doppler - The Artifact [NEW]




Artists - Jon Doppler

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12"

Country - #UnitedState

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Acid #Techno #Electro



The first solo excursion on Half Grand Records comes from label boss, Jon Doppler. Clocking in at 37 minutes, this collection plays more like a mini album than a 12”.

The Artifact is full of the cavernous electro vibes that Doppler hinted at on the previously released compilations from the label. And if this record is an Artifact, it belongs at the bottom of the Mariana Trench with its alien percussion and deep, fluid bass.

It’s hard to pick a favorite as any one of these tracks would add atmosphere and color to a set. “Sapphire” sounds like it would perfectly underscore the discovery of an ancient Atlantean civilization. While Tar Like Gold’s driving, arpeggiated basslines and vocal samples “tomorrow holds the key” look to the future.

Take a listen and see for yourself, there’s a lot to love on this one.



首張由 "Half Grand Records" 的創始人 Jon Doppler 獨自製作的專輯,長37分鐘,更像是一張迷你專輯而不是12英寸的EP。

《The Artifact》充滿了Doppler在先前由該公司發行的專輯中所暗示的洞穴電子氛圍。 如果將這張唱片形容是一個文物,那它就是屬於馬裡亞納海溝底部,帶有外星打擊感和海溝那深沉流動的低音。

很難挑選一首最喜歡的曲目,因為其中任何一首都能為演出增添氛圍和色彩。 《Sapphire》聽起來就像是完美地為古代亞特蘭提斯文明的發現提供了背景音樂。 而《Tar Like Gold》那旋風式的 baseline 與 人聲的取樣,是一首未來感極為強烈的一張專輯。