• Kamaal Williams ‎- The Return [NEW]
  • Kamaal Williams ‎- The Return [NEW]

Kamaal Williams ‎- The Return [NEW]




Artists - Kamaal Williams

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12"

Country - #UnitedKingdom 

Genres - #Electronic #Jazz

Styles - #Jazz #Funk #ContemporaryJazz 


Kamaal Williams, also known as Henry Wu, is a highly regarded British artist and creator celebrated for his contributions to the worlds of jazz and electronic music. Through the collaboration with Yussef Dayes in 2016, they co-founded Yussef Kamaal which garnered widespread acclaim for their remarkable album "Black Focus."

Kamaal Williams has gained widespread recognition for his one-of-a-kind approach, seamlessly fusing jazz, funk, and electronic components. The result is a fresh and individual sound that captivates a diverse audience.

The Return is a natural evolution from the Yussef Kamaal project, mining the influence of visionary jazz but blended with all kinds of texture, sounds and signals from the over-saturated London streets.


Kamaal Williams,本名Henry Wu,是一位英國音樂家和製作人,以其在爵士和電子音樂領域的發展而聞名。 2016年與Yussef Dayes共組Yussef Kamaal而慢慢受到關注,該二重奏在2016年發布了備受好評的專輯《Black Focus》。

Kamaal Williams 以在音樂中融合爵士、放克和電子元素而走出自己獨特的風格,創造出獨特且現代不受拘束的聲音,吸引了廣泛的聽眾。

The Return》是從Yussef Kamaal計畫自然演變而來的作品,汲取了前瞻性爵士音樂的影響,同時融合了來自飽和的倫敦街頭的各種紋理、聲音和訊號而誕生的專輯。