• Paul Blackford ‎- Weekend Warrior EP [NEW]
  • Paul Blackford ‎- Weekend Warrior EP [NEW]

Paul Blackford ‎- Weekend Warrior EP [NEW]



Artists -  Paul Blackford

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12"

Country - United Kingdom

Genres - Electronic

Styles - Techno, Breaks, Electro, Jungle.


ollowing a stellar run of releases and contributions from the likes of N-GYNN, LVCA, Thoma Bulwer, Voigtmann, Dawl & Desert Sound Colony, the transcontinental Superlux imprint announce their 8th edition by way of Paul Blackford’s ‘Weekend Warrior’ EP.

There was a degree of serendipity in the genesis story of the ‘Weekend Warrior’ EP. When label head Mike Gill’s wife Ines posted a video of him playing a Blackford track from deep in the crates, it quickly found its way to Paul via happenstance and the way of the web. Upon Paul sharing his entire back catalog as a token of appreciation for the support, the conversation started moving towards a contribution to the label.

Following a trawl through Paul’s extensive library of electro WIPs both new & old, four were selected for a mixdown in Thoma Bulwer’s studio. The result is the ‘Weekend Warrior’ EP.
The release speaks to the talent and versatility of Paul Blackford as a producer. The EP employs elements of classic Detroit electro & Drexciyan soundscapes with facets of modern house fit for an afternoon at Houghton. A truly diverse release suited to many moods and record bags.


在瀏覽了大量的新舊電子音樂作品的基礎,選擇了其中四首在Thoma Bulwer的工作室進行混音,而誕生了Weekend Warrior EP 這張短合集。

這張專輯展現了Paul Blackford作為製作人的才華和多樣性。 EP融合了經典的Detroit electro Drexciyan soundscapes,同時還擁有些許現代house的元素,是一張非常多元化的EP