• R.O.E. - Distant Motive EP [NEW]
  • R.O.E. - Distant Motive EP [NEW]

R.O.E. - Distant Motive EP [NEW]



Artists - R.O.E.

Formats - 1x Vinyl 12"

Country - United Kingdom

Genres - Electronic

Styles - Techno, Electro


For the first release of Leeds born, London based label Mutual Response, R.O.E. delivers a club ready four-tracker with proven success on dance floors across Europe.

The EP includes four varied productions from Ollie’s extensive catalogue, making a record which has something suitable for all hours.

’TRNSMSN2U’, a growling journey into breakbeat, builds to a climax with bubbling acid lines and distorted vocal samples, whilst A2, Specific Heat Capacity (Loop Mix), is a bouncy club tool which pairs a driving baseline with eerie melodies throughout.

‘Cyber Love’ continues the sinister themes of the previous side but increases the energy. More of Ollie’s trademark distorted vocals support a punchy low end and scattered percussion powerfully overlays levels of warping acid melodies. The final track, ‘0 Exceptions’, is a squelchy experiment in electro with everything you wouldn’t expect.

Again, layers of acid are woven throughout and in combination with a dynamic low end, provide an unexpected depth sometimes missing in the genre.


在利茲出生、總部位於倫敦的廠牌Mutual Response首張專輯發布,R.O.E.帶來了四首歌曲,在歐洲各地的舞池上證明了他的成功了。這張EP包括了Ollie廣泛多元的製作,製作出了一張適合所有時間的唱片。

“TRNSMSN2U” 一段咆哮的breakbeat之旅,通過ACID Line和獨特的人聲採樣品味將歌曲推到高潮;而“Specific Heat Capacity (Loop Mix)”則是一個彈性十足的Club Mix工具,將有力的低音與怪異的旋律巧妙地結合在一起。

“Cyber Love”延續了前面的主題。 Ollie使用一慣用的扭曲人聲加上更多的低音和散亂的打擊樂,強力的覆蓋了Acid的旋律的層次。最後一首曲目,“0 Exceptions”,是一次充滿奇特實驗性質的表演,它擁有你意想不到的一切,Acid音色的層層疊疊交織在其中,與動態低音的組合,表現出意想不到的深度。