• Regularfantasy - Regularfantasy Presents: Plush III [NEW]
  • Regularfantasy - Regularfantasy Presents: Plush III [NEW]

Regularfantasy - Regularfantasy Presents: Plush III [NEW]



Artists - Regularfantasy

Formats - 1x Vinyl 12"

Country - Germany

Genres - Electronic

Styles - Techno, Tech House, Progressive House


Third times a charm, Plush III is presented to you by our fav Underground Popstar™ Regularfantasy, casting their web out to friends all over the globe in the name of lavish collaboration. First up, in cahoots with fellow Canadian icon Big Zen, the quintessential hit - Call U When I’m Done, a phone talk fantasy with a bonus beatdown remix from living legend Priori.

Plush royalty Chrysalis returns with regfant, a jam Down Under manifesting as a flirty kiss on the cheek to Aqua, Life in Plastic. The B side raises the roof back to Montreal with larger than life references and partnerships for tried and tested chart toppers Sweet Emotion & Sucks To Be You.. Kristian North, D. Tiffany, Steven Tyler, Prozzak and Oprah to name a few. A crowded house party at Le Chateâu; make sure you’re on the guest-list!


Regularfantasy和D. Tiffany組成的Plush Managements Inc.以其兩張唱片在流行R&B House音樂中走在了最前沿,而 Plush records Inc. 的第三張唱片則是由Regularfantasy監製,由蒙特利爾的音樂人們共同合作完成的作品。與Big Zen合作的 “Call U When I'm Done” 以抽象的ACID酸性音效和煙熏般的深沉Hous為特色,Priori的混音版則更加具有攻擊性的酸性音效與打擊聲。

這張唱片以《Life in Plastic》這首歌為代表,在澳洲演繹了一段風情萬種的愛情故事。 B面則將我們帶回蒙特利爾,參考了很多大型流行榜單上的經典歌曲,如《Sweet Emotion》和《Sucks To Be You》等等,同時還有 Kristian North、D. Tiffany、Steven Tyler、Prozzak 和 Oprah 等人的合作。這就像是一個在 Le Chateâu 舉行的熱鬧的House派對,你一定要確保你在嘉賓名單上!