• Sansibar & Reptant - WAR2301 [NEW]
  • Sansibar & Reptant - WAR2301 [NEW]
  • Sansibar & Reptant - WAR2301 [NEW]

Sansibar & Reptant - WAR2301 [NEW]




Artists - Sansibar & Reptant

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 7”

Country -#Germany   

Genres - #Electronic

Styles - #Electo


Following up their initial Warning debut with a split single in 2020, we are pleased to welcome back the fierce combination of Sansibar and Reptant on Warning. For our annual 7” release we invited them to remix each others track in celebration of the friendship that connects us.

On the remix of Lizard Of Oz we got Sansibar adding a catchy vocal sample and shifting the psychedelic electro vibe into some more clubby realms. Reptant on the other side treating the subtile original of My Boom with his signature deep and pervasive production style. The result of those young geniuses coming together again is a thrilling spectacle for any lover of contemporary electro sound.


2020年首次亮相於Warning後,再次迎來Sansibar和Reptant這一組強大組合分別的單曲。 在Warning的年度7英寸發行活動,Warning再度邀請了他們,以慶祝連接互相友誼。

在 A面《Lizard Of Oz》的混音中,Sansibar添加了引人注目的人聲採樣,並將迷幻電子氛圍轉變為更適合俱樂部的情境。 B面,Reptant以他獨特的深沉滲透製作風格處理了《My Boom》這首微妙的原曲。