• Tom Carruthers - In Grooves [NEW]
  • Tom Carruthers - In Grooves [NEW]

Tom Carruthers - In Grooves [NEW]



Artists - Tom Carruthers

Formats - 1x Vinyl 12”

Country - United Kingdom

Genres - Electronic

Styles - House, Techno


EYA Records label has scored another big one here with this old-school House and Techno flavoured EP by UK producer Tom Carruthers. In the last couple of years, the Chesire music-making machine has impressed with a series of super solid releases on LIES and his own Non Stop Rhythm imprint.

“In Grooves EP” is an ode to the 90’s dance music sound with a modern and refreshing perspective. The opener “ So Long’ is a driving and hypnotic peak time track while “Distant World” is evocative and dreamy. On the flip side “Echoes’ is an acid-tingled deep cut that will make move every dance floor, closing the EP is the superb bleepy number “Mode 7”.

Limited to 300 copies, don’t miss it!


Tom Carruthers是一位熱愛Old school house的音樂愛好家,通過LIES和他自己的Non Stop Rhythm 唱片公司發行了一系列超級堅實的作品,給人留下了深刻印象,也都廣受好評,現在他又在EYA Records發行了一張新EP,運用柔和的合成器和圓潤肥厚的Bass line 營造出非常舒服的氛圍。

“So Long”讓人沉浸在幸福感中的空間中令人身心靈都很舒服,開場的 “Lost World” 是一首非常適合引導至Rave曲目。而“Mode 7”則是一首帶著急促同時卻又充滿愛意的一首歌曲,這次EP呈現了非常優美的風格同時會令人沉靜在音樂裡的甜蜜感。