• Yapp! - Gasoline [NEW]

Yapp! - Gasoline [NEW]



Artists - Yapp!

Formats - 1x Vinyl 12"

Country - Netherlands

Genres - Electronic

Styles - Trance House Breaks


With his debut release Yapp delivers a stunning blend of house, breakbeat, and trance across four compelling tracks. The carefully crafted production and rich sonic tapestry create a mesmerizing energy that is sure to keep the dancefloor packed. Yapp's innovative approach to electronic texture blending results in a fresh and unique sound that is both forward-thinking and unforgettable. From the rhythmic beats of the opening track to the dreamy soundscapes of the closing number, the EP takes the listener on a captivating journey through Yapp's artistic vision.

Artwork by Sunmiguelsun





從開場曲的節奏明快的節拍,到結尾曲中巧妙地使用了Dubtech風格織創造出夢幻般的音景,這張EP帶領聽眾踏上一段令人著迷的旅程,深入 Yapp的藝術幻想世界中。

藝術 & 設計 來自 Sunmiguelsun。