• Zerocks / 'N UMOH ‎- You Too [USED]

Zerocks / 'N UMOH ‎- You Too [USED]



Artists -  Zerocks / 'N UMOH

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12"

Country - Italy.

 Genres - Electronic.

Styles - Nu Disco,  Balearic.


Proxima is pleased to announce the reissue of some of the work of new beat producer Jo Bogaert.


Under various pseudonyms, including Zerocks and 'N UMOH, Thomas de Quincey or Acts of Madmen, Jo Bogaert is considered to be one of the most influential artists in the Belgian new beat scene of the 1980s. He is also the man behind Technotronic and the hit track 'Pump Up the Jam'.


Proxima is releasing a selection of tracks from Zerocks and 'N UMOH on a 12inch.


Includes a remix by Audrey Danza.


使用 Farley Jackmaster Funk 的經典作品 ”The Acid Life" 被用來作為基礎旋律,做為基石,創造出了比利時出品的House音樂,同時也是 Technotronic "Pump Up The Jam" 背後主要的人物。


Jo Bogaert以 Zerocks 和 'N Umoh 的藝名發布的三首新曲目(New Beat),收錄在本張EP中,受到了瑞士 Proxima 廠牌的注目重新發行,這個廠牌由Nando Litteri和Ambra Orfei創辦,以其獨特的選曲再發行而聞名。


這些音樂製作強烈受到了新浪潮和工業音樂的影響,呈現出典型的黑暗而沉悶的比利時新節拍音樂風格。 尤其是" You Too (Bonzo Mix)"中扭曲的合成器旋律具有強烈的衝擊力,被譽為經典之作。


此外,別忘了檢查由廠牌主持人Audrey Danza製作的混音版本!