At the core of Ayge Yard and Mischievous Broadcast lies our encounters with various aspects of life, such as culture, art, cinema, music, and beauty. Our goal is to provide a captivating and intellectually stimulating experience for our customers that ignites their fascination and inquisitiveness.

In alignment with Ernesto 'Che' Guevara's belief in the power of idealism and dreaming of the impossible, we wholeheartedly adopt this philosophy at our platform. We harness the influential force of music to ignite an individual's imagination.

With music serving as the cornerstone of our ideology, we strive to cultivate a sentiment that encapsulates romance and allure. We firmly maintain that true beauty cannot be concocted nor can a life steeped in elegance be lived without love, aspirations, and ardour.

Without a doubt, the pursuit of excellence is paramount. With this philosophy in mind, Ayge Yard & Mischievous Project are steadfast in their commitment to creating products that align with our core beliefs.

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Ayge Yard 和 Mischievous Broadcast 的核心基本植根於我們對生活與各個方面的相遇,例如文化、藝術、電影、音樂和美。 我們的目標是為客戶提供迷人且刺激的體驗,激發他們的魅力和好奇心。

如埃內斯托·切·格瓦拉(Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara)曾經說過的那樣:“如果有人說我們是浪漫主義者、不可救藥的理想主義者,夢想著不可能的事情,我們會回答一千零一次:‘是的,我們是。’”在我們的講台上, 我們擁抱這種理想主義精神,並用音樂來激發想像力。

以音樂作為我們意識形態的基石,我們想呈現出一種體現浪漫和魅力的風格。 我們相信,沒有愛、夢想和激情,就無法創造美,也無法過上美好的生活。

追求完美是最重要的。 我們秉承這一理念,Ayge Yard 和 Mischievous Project 堅定致力於創造符合我們核心信念的產品。

韻漾製造有限公司 89117539