• Monty Dj ‎- Dogs are sometimes Fishes EP [NEW]
  • Monty Dj ‎- Dogs are sometimes Fishes EP [NEW]
  • Monty Dj ‎- Dogs are sometimes Fishes EP [NEW]

Monty Dj ‎- Dogs are sometimes Fishes EP [NEW]

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Artists -  Monty Dj 

Formats - 1 x Vinyl 12"

Country - Netherlands

Genres - Electronic

Styles - House, Bass, IDM.


Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Monty DJ debuts on his own Flippen Disks with the release of the "Dogs are sometimes Fishes EP." This 5-tracker showcases Monty DJ's versatility and adventurous spirit, as he combines rhythmic experiments with a keen ear for sound design, perfectly reflecting the essence of the imprint itself.

The EP opens with the mesmerising track "Rally," which captivates listeners with its fragmented structure, falling out of and back into groove continuously while piano stabs, floaty melodies and a guitar solo provide guidance. Rally is followed by Poing, a bubbly club track with big kicks, breathy pads and intricately layered grooves.

On the B-side of the EP, listeners are treated to "Gina," an enthralling composition where disharmonic synth rain dances above a solid kick-hat groove. The track is further enhanced by rolling snares and a dynamic 3-bar break that continuously shifts the meter.

The EP also includes remixes by a talented UK-based producers Caldera and Ikävä Pii, each offering their unique take on „Poing“.

Caldera's remix exhibits laid-back and hypnotic minimal vibes, emphasizing groove and a wide sound stage. Ikävä Pii presents his "Stretch" Version, a slow-burning dembow chugger that seamlessly transitions into double time midway through, providing an intriguing transformation of the original track.


阿姆斯特丹的DJ和製作人Monty DJ通過自己的唱片公司Flippen Disks首次發布了《Dogs are sometimes Fishes EP》。這張包含5首歌曲的EP展示了Monty DJ的多才多藝和冒險精神,他將對於節奏實驗與對聲音設計的敏銳感結合在一起,完美的反映了作者本身的特質與本質。