• Various Artists - WITNESS04 [NEW]
  • Various Artists - WITNESS04 [NEW]

Various Artists - WITNESS04 [NEW]

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Artists - Various Artists

Formats - 1x Vinyl 12"

Country - Netherlands

Genres - Electronic

Styles - Techno Tech House Experimental


More VA action as the series continues with another instalment. As is tradition at OEW, four heavy hitters grace the newest plate. Enlisting rising talents and familiar faces alike, the Witness surveys all, cherry-picking another clutch of intrepid dance floor navigators for the label.

Asphalt DJ tees off with a shadowy, driving tripper. Flush with insistent throb and a spectrum of proggy flourishes, it’s properly hypnotic fare. De Lichting member RDS, on the other hand, opts in favour of deep space projection. ‘TH Only’ is a pristine transmission; deep groove and widescreen scope primed to soundtrack imagined interplanetary expeditions.

Making nocturnal manoeuvres with a touch of grit, Hyper-colour and Glass Table co- founder Ste Roberts goes off on another tangent entirely. ‘Tune Pitch Decay’ is as dusky as it is propulsive; tough and cavernous for the duration. Made of uneasy soundscapes and half-time, rolling drums, Amsterdam local Tammo Hesselink finally rounds things off on an abstract, downtempo tip.

Artwork & Design by Susanne Janssen.



從新興藝術家Oddysee合作的12”中獲得靈感的Asphalt DJ,以138BPM的Trance風格和激光合成器飛舞的黑夜為背景,讓人沉迷的旋律和多元化的音樂元素令人印象深刻,作品中充滿了強烈的跳動感和各種前衛的華麗裝飾,令人陶醉沈浸於其的作品。

而De Lichting成員RDS則傾向於對遠處的太空做想像。 "TH Only" 是一種完美的投射,深沉的音樂節奏和廣闊的視野都是為了打造想像中的星際探險背景音樂而準備,以132BPM的Breakbeat、Acid和Progressive風格為主。

DJ方面的評價也很高的 Hypercolour和Glass Table的聯合創始人Ste Roberts則完全走了另一條路線,則在其新曲 “Tune Pitch Decay” 中,以厚實的低音和漂浮的Trance韻律、瘋狂的合成器音色整個過程都充滿了堅韌和深邃的感覺帶領聽眾進入黑暗之旅。

最後,阿姆斯特丹的當地音樂家Tammo Hesselink則以抽象的低速舞曲不穩定的音樂景觀結束了整張專輯,使用令人著迷的低頻和113BPM的抽象Bass音樂展現了他的才華。

藝術 & 設計 來自 Susanne Janssen。